Complete Lighting Design, A Practical Design Guide for Perfect Lighting

2006 Jan, Quarry Books

by Marilyn Zelinsky

Art Collector

“The Art of Light,” by Ledbetter Fullerton Architects

Keeping the lighting plan simple and basic in the contemporary home of one of the United States’ most renowned art collectors was the homeowner’s request. When architect Lee Ledbetter and lighting designer Davis Mackiernan began planning the lighting, they dealt with complicated issues of preserving artwork, including one of the largest and most important collections of photography, in a fresh and uncomplicated way.


“Light Dock”, by Ledbetter Fullerton Architects

As the sun moves throughout the day, the light in the boathouse also changes and moves. Shadows are created and move down along the boathouse as the sun plays on each wall…’We made this into a pure white box with lighting, paint and skylights,’ says Ledbetter.

Project: Lake Pontchartrain Boathouse