Interior Design

2000 June

Real Work

by Julia Lewis

Co-designed by art director Monroe Kelly and architect Lee Ledbetter, the (“Real World”) house is a colorful and richly textured tribute to the vibrant and diverse culture of the Louisiana port city.

Combing New Orleans’ antique shops, art galleries and thrift shops … the designers assembled an eclectic mix of furniture, art and accessories that creates an evocative background for the show…In the end, Ledbetter and Kelly juxtaposed antique and contemporary pieces that underscore the youthful esprit of the show and reflect the many cultures that have converged in Louisiana during the past two centuries.

The profusion of color that gives the house an exuberant, offhand look was carefully orchestrated by the designers to be photogenic and flattering to the cast members…Bright, tropical hues lend the downstairs rooms a crisp, finished feeling, whereas the upstairs features treatments that convey a ‘found quality and decayed elegance.’